What Is Eustress and How Is It Useful for People?

Topics: Eustress, Emotion, Psychology Pages: 2 (615 words) Published: October 14, 2012
Eustress is a type of positive stress that first used and defined by Selye (1987) as "the non-specific response of the body to any demand placed upon it." (p. 17). Eustress has many advantages for people from three aspect, include enhance people physical health, bring passion and motive power to people and help people to reduce other kind of stress.

Firstly, eustress is existed in order to enhance people physical health and well being. To distinguish between eustress from the scope of impact on people can be divided into advantages of short-term and long-term. On the short-term, although the stress is onerous, eustress still can motivate people to maintain the momentum of moving forward with a target or project (What Is Eustress, 2012). For example, people planned to participate in sports activities such as walking, jogging, or working out in a gym does place some degree of stress on the body. Eustress causes the release of endorphins that help people protect their physical and emotional health (What Is Eustress, 2012). This is the most directly reflects of eustress to show the protection of the people’ health. On the other hand, in the long-term, eustress helps promote emotional balance, confidence, the feeling of want and need, and throughout the whole life of most of people to ultimately provide some degree of happiness and well being (What Is Eustress, 2012). As a result, the role of eustress is to minimize the possibility of many people’s psychological and physiological diseases developing.

Secondly, eustress can bring passion and motive powers to people enjoy their life. An easy analogy to help make the concept of eustress clearer is to think about physically and emotion training. If people without eustress, they cannot feel exciting and passion. When people running greater and greater distances or doing some exercises well, all of these can push people to challenge themselves and in new and demanding ways. In addition, eustress also can be...

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