What Does It Mean to Be Rich

Topics: Poverty, Wealth, Net worth Pages: 2 (794 words) Published: August 23, 2009
What Does it Mean to be Rich?

The American Heritage Dictionary states that rich means possessing great material wealth. Also it says rich can mean having an abundant supply. I decided to go with the latter. I believe that all of us here in America are rich to some degree. I mean most of us have more than we could ever need in this lifetime. We come home, open the door and turn on the lights. There are people in other countries that don’t have that luxury. And while we are talking about luxuries, let’s add running water, clean clothes, three meals a day, and the list goes on indefinitely. Biblically, it says that God loves all people and he gives us blessings. When we have material wealth we are to bless others by sharing the wealth, and when we do, God will continue to bless us.

If you are working and bringing home a monthly income then this is called working riches. If you live within your means and have more than is necessary to survive, than in my opinion, you are rich. People today drive themselves into poverty by living above their means and spending every dime they have, making bad decisions then eventually filing for Bankruptcy. Think about those out there that are pleading poverty. They’re standing there in their living room, smoking a cigarette, watching cable TV, talking to you on their cell phone saying how hard it is and how they don’t have a clue where they will get grocery money. These are the people that really drive me insane. I just want to say, “Hello, quit smoking, turn off the phone, cancel your cable and go to the store for Heaven’s sake”. These people in my opinion are living on Fantasy Island. I think people are brought up to believe that if you have a nicer house, car, and better clothes than your peers than you have achieved that status of being rich that everyone fantasizes about.

The bottom line is it’s not what you make but what you have that counts. I mean would you rather make 30,000 a year and have a...
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