What Do Murderers' Deserve?

Topics: Death Penalty, Murder, Capital punishment in the United States Pages: 1 (360 words) Published: March 1, 2007
"What Do Murderers Deserve?"

Feelings toward capital punishment have varied over time. Among democratic nations, few now impose it. In the United States, 38 states have death penalty laws while 12 have rejected the ultimate punishment in favor of other strong sentences, such as life without parole. Many death penalty states, including New Jersey, rarely impose it. The death penalty is an emotional topic but apart from the moral questions the death penalty evokes, apart from questions of whether it serves as a deterrent, apart from debate over whether it has a proper role in the administration of justice, the death penalty-when everything else is stripped away-is a matter of public policy. Capital punishment, or the death penalty, is the execution of a convicted criminal by the state as punishment for crimes known as capital crimes or capital offences. Capital punishment is a justified form of punishment for murderers and is enforced by most states. The death penalty is a fitting punishment for murder because executions maximize the public safety through a form of incapacitation and prevention. When a person kills another person, their common sense and mental reasoning is lost. As a result of this, the murderer is no longer capable of a mentally stable life not only to himself but also society as a whole. In contrast, moral issues question the accuracy and the benefits of the death penalty as well. The death penalty is the most crucial punishment any human being can receive, but in certain cases it is necessary. Yes it seems hypocritical to kill a killer, but that is how justice is set up in America. The fact that Karla Faye Tucker received the penalty and Theodore Kaczynski did not is wrong. Kaczynski "got away with murder" as one would say. He killed far more people – even attempted to assault more – than Tucker did. It is reasonable to believe his punishment would be more severe.

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