What Causes People To Immigrate To The United States

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What Causes People to Immigrate to the United States?

The Unitied States is a melting pot of immigrants. Many people leave their hometown to persue the better life in America. Whatever the reasons, they immigrate to America because they see a possibility of achieving a goal. Some immigrants consider having different education for their children, some wants to have the high standard of living and the other people go to search for the opportunities that build from economic advancement. For those people who want to immigrate to the United States, education seems to be the first reason. Because they expect their children to get a better education environment and resources. Actually, most schools implement small class education so that teacher can take into account the needs of every students. Moreover, most of them consider that childeren will have a better predominance than the international students. Because of the free atmosphere, students can create their own way to acquire knowledges. In addition, the most attraction is that western education emphasize the importance of independent thinking ability and free the play. In contrast, eastern education always teach students how to be a good person that most people cognized and how to answer the questions of textbooks, but they don’t inspire us how to find our interests and how to solve the problems in our life. That is why they put education into consideration of immigration. Not just in education, quality of life is another reason. Now some people give high emphasis on high standard of living. It is often seen that parents send their children abroad to attain a better lifestyle. Besides, people think that living in the United States will have more advanced life than living in their homeland. Because residential and commercial areas are seperated in America, residents will not disturb by the noise of downtown and air pollution of industrial zone. They can keep their living environment in high standard....
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