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What Are the Causes That Make a Person Successful?

By kaylie Oct 20, 2009 570 Words
"Why am I not successful as other people and feel as if I have missed something important that prevents me from triumph?" It is a question that always pops in the mind of some people who are frustrated with obstacles in their way to success. As long as they know the secret features that all successful people share, their obstacles will be much easier to handle readily. The three major causes to become successful are attitude, personality and ability to plan.

A positive attitude toward difficulties and failures affects one's life profoundly. Never giving up is a quality of a positive attitude. People's resolutions to pursue goals are shaken easily by difficulties. Some people even tend to give up when they first experience a setback. However, for those who have a solid mind to persist until the end are more likely to achieve their goals. Thomas Edison failed two thousand times before he successfully invented the light bulb. Myriad failures did not hold him back from inventing the light bulb. Contrarily, Edison considered it as a two-thousand step process to his goal. Moreover, Looking at problems as a blessing in disguise is another sort of positive attitude. There are always two sides of things. One may see that in a negative way, but another may think positively. If the condition is considered from a negative viewpoint, its ending will not be satisfying in any way. However, if the condition is viewed as a blessing in disguise, it will turn out to be more acceptable. Without a doubt, Perspectives affect how people react to the situation. Thinking negatively limits opportunities to succeed, not to mention it is discouraging.

Personality also plays a significant role on a successful life. A proper personality makes one stand out distinctly from others. The most common characteristic is self-discipline. Self-disciplined people set up procedures and rules and follow them strictly in order to fulfill their expectations. There are always countless temptations along the way to succeed. Nevertheless, self-disciplined people do not let the temptations prevent them from achieving their goals. Furthermore, open-mindedness is a key trait too. Open-minded people show receptiveness of new and different ideas, opinions and even criticisms. They are capable of accepting dissimilar thoughts which inspire them to improve. People without open-mindedness will have narrowed opportunities and limited possibilities.

Finally, ability to plan is also an important factor to reach a successful life. People who have the right attitude and right personality but no plan are like driving without directions, not able to get to their destinations effectively. Successful people always plan ahead so they will have a clear vision about the following steps. People who plan well will save a lot of time and effort on their journeys to success because they are less likely to run into some mistakes and troubles. Besides, well-planned people will feel certain to achieve their goals because plans show step by step to where they want to be. Everything is in successful people’s expectations; therefore, they are more likely to get everything under control.

In conclusion, people are successful because they have the positive attitudes, appropriate personalities and ability to plan. With these important factors, nothing can block them from attaining their ambitions. Whether it is a two-thousand-step process or a single giant step, successful people are not limited from progressing.

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