What are Coal Companies doing to us

Topics: Mountaintop removal mining, Massey Energy, Coal Pages: 2 (401 words) Published: May 6, 2015
What are Coal Companies doing to us?
Coal companies are sneaky, conniving, and in some cases liars. The proof is right in front of them, why can’t they admit it? Jobs, currently, they are the most important thing in America (apparently). Let’s not worry about the countless mountains or streams being destroyed that could potentially provide future jobs for us. With that being said the three main problems of mountaintop removal are the jobs, the environmental issues, and the coal companies their self. With all of the talk of losing jobs, it’s no wonder people support the power of coal, but they aren’t living in the future. They are only thinking of now, and not the future generations. Sadly, our future generations will pay the price for our silly mistakes. Simply enough, preserve the mountains. Potentially, they could and probably will provide environmental jobs such as land testing, animal habitats, and future energy depots. The environmental issues of mountain top removal are way too costly. It destroys ecosystems and flattens homes. It polluted everything and anything around it around it and runs into local streams and rivers. Fish end up homeless with a bunch of toxic chemicals, and potentially dead. Sadly, everybody pays the price and the coal company won’t. Even though Massey Energy has over 60,000 citations, and are supposed to owe millions of dollars toward the EPA, and they are going to settle for a lot less, somewhere around $250,000, and that’s a small sum of what they really want. They owe more compensation for what they’ve permanently done to this Earth. A campaign to stop Mountain Top Removal on Blair Mountain was held on June 6th, 2011 in an effort to save the mountain, by hiking fifty miles to the top of Blair Mountain. Their effort was rewarded with the veto of the mining permit. This resulted in the loss of 200 mining jobs, but it ultimately saved Blair Mountain and porential jobs. Whether you are for or against Mountain Top Removal there is...
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