What Ails Today's Youth?

Topics: Human rights, Democracy, Universal Declaration of Human Rights Pages: 2 (359 words) Published: May 19, 2012
Today we face a series of challenges at the intersection of human rights, connected technologies, business, and government. It's a busy intersection – and a lot of people want to put up traffic lights"

India is poised to become a true leader in the Internet industry. All that hope will get smashed very quickly if investors are not investing in start ups in India because they are at risk from these draconian legislations," 

Freedom of opinion and expression is a fundamental right of every human being and an inherent part of human dignity. It is important in itself and also crucial for realizing and defending other rights and freedoms. It is thus a cornerstone of every free and democratic society. As free means of communication that facilitates the exchange of opinions, ideas and information, the internet can have a hugely positive impact on public discourse. Internet and new social media have developed to such a fascinating public arena, in which individuals increasingly exercise their freedom of opinion and expression regardless of frontiers.

One of the very features of the Internet is its diversity. Various stakeholders contribute to the ongoing development of the Internet and the enrichment of the global information society. Moreover, the Internet services themselves are run and maintained predominantly by private entities. While fulfilling our primary responsibility to protect individuals from human rights abuses, we continuously encourage cooperative efforts by the private sector to respect and promote human rights online. Could we have panelists’ views on how governments should ensure that any measures taken by the intermediaries are in line with human rights standards?

With growing access to information in cyberspace, there is a raise of limit of access and information in cyberspace, done by a variety of actors which have diverse goals and values. In addition to Internet’s transborder feature, there are so many factors shaping the level of free...
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