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Mobile phones banned
Nowadays mobile phone and all other electronic devices have become extremely widespread in every home in UAE. You can see more than two phones for each person, especially among children who use their devices all the time. However, this behavior doesn't stop at home and continues when they go to school. They use it for different kinds of things that can negatively affect the students and teachers in the long run. Therefore, some people are arguing about whether or not mobile phones should be banned from school. In my opinion, I totally agree that mobile phones should be banned. It’s possible to say that distracting the student and invasion of the privacy are the two main reasons that mobile phones should be banned First, mobile phones will distract the student from paying attention to the class. For example, if you are holding phone in your hand while the teacher explain something important, you can’t understand what he say because you are busy with you phone and that’s wrong thing to do. However, it can also make you forget everything in the class because you were playing or chatting in the class. As a result, don’t be surprised if your grade become low or you don’t understand the subject all that because you were not paying attention from the first place. Second, we can say that holding mobile phones in the class are invasion of the privacy because you may take a picture and post it on the internet and you don’t have the right to do it. For example, my friend took a picture in the class while the teacher doing something wrong and post it in the facebook, after one day the manger call him and tell him we have to kick you out from school. As a result, now he regrets about what he done. Therefore, we can’t take any picture and just post it online because everyone has privacy and we should respect it. According to Ameena mahma kang said that invasion of the privacy is one of the biggest issues when mobile phones are...
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