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One of the most pertinent scenes within the film ‘What’s Eating Gilbert Grape’ is the final scene, the burning of the family home. After Mommas passed away, Gilbert films protagonist had the idea of burning the house down to protect his mother’s dignity and ensure that she isn’t made a joke. Though the death of Momma played a huge role in the reason the house was

burnt down, it was not the only one. Aside from Momma
passing away, the Grape house hold a lot of memories.
Some good, some not so good. One of the greatest and
longest memories within the Grape house is the death
of Albert Grape, the children’s father and Bonnie’s husband. The death of a father is an unforgettable event, though the

tragic suicide of Albert, took place in the families basement. Another memory stuck in the house is an event that took
place, something Gilbert never wanted to happen and
regretted every day after. The one time he hit Arnie,
multiple times across the face. The memories may stick
around forever, but the house didn’t, and in burning the
house down, It is acting as a release of all the bad memories tied to it. But memories aren’t the only thing that’s ‘Eating Gilbert Grape’ It is also the fact that he has been stuck in Endora his whole life with many responsibilities. Although

burning the house down makes Gilbert realise that they
can go anywhere, if they want to.

Endora, a small town in Iowa with the self-proclaimed
name “end of the line.” For Gilbert, Endora actually
feels like the end of the line. Gilbert has felt trapped in
Endora his whole life, with no escape and has never
seen any other possible opportunities. That is until, the
house burns down. At the start of the film, we listen to
Gilbert introducing each family member, with a brief
introduction, we learn that Gilbert has an older brother
Larry, “but he got away.” Exactly what Gilbert needs
and wants to do. He knows he can’t because of all of his
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