Western Culture Produces Bad Role Models

Topics: Drug addiction, Celebrity, Actor Pages: 2 (403 words) Published: January 11, 2009
Every kid looks up at someone. Unfortunately, in Western Culture, kids look up at famous people; like actors, musicians, athletes, politicians and models. Some famous people use drugs and alcohol. Many celebrities, especially athletes, have lack of education. They send a message that being smart is like being a nerd. Another thing, teens want, especially girls, is to look good. Some will do anything it takes to fit in, to look better then the girl beside her. Modern culture is producing negative role models for young people.

Some famous people use drugs and alcohol. One example, Ryan O’Neal got arrested for drug use. Drugs and alcohol is illegal for kids who have not reached age of 19. Many teens drink and use different types of drugs at parties. The most used is marihuana (also called weed, cannabis and pot), cocaine and heroine. Many famous singers include their experience in their song lyrics. One of them is well known Lil‘Kim in “Drugs”. Some teens listen to these songs almost every day. Young adults get a message that it is good to get high.

Teens have lack of education, knowledge about history, world and culture. One soccer player was unable to help his kid at math homework. His son was only eight at that time. Politicians, leaders talk a lot, but they never accomplish something. These people represent the nation. Some young adults don’t even think that they have their own culture. These teens don’t know anything about their ancestors. Famous people are not educated enough to be role models for youth.

Celebrities have an unreasonable ideal of how to look. Many models have anorexia or bulimia. Anna Carolina Reston was a Brazilian model. She died at age of twenty-one because she had anorexia. Many celebrities get over tanned. This is very unhealthy for the skin. Young adults have huge pressure from the celebrities. Another criteria for girls, is big breasts. People like Pamela Anderson do surgeries to get their breasts bigger. Many girls lose their...
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