Were the Sioux Indians Wild Savages or Spiritual Protectors?

Topics: Native Americans in the United States, Sioux, Great Plains Pages: 2 (918 words) Published: July 15, 2012
Were the Sioux Indians Wild Savages or Spiritual Protectors? The Sioux Indians also known as the Lakota were first around in the 18th century. They were the largest tribe and not many people know that they were nomadic. As they were nomadic, they travelled a lot and followed buffalos around the Great Plains. The traditional view on the Sioux Indians is that they are barbaric because of what people had heard and because of Hollywood. But the more recent view of them is that they are more spiritual and they are put across as positive.

There are two views on the Sioux Indians one of them is that they are wild savages. This means they would have been out of control had barbaric ways and they were uncivilised. We can see they are barbaric because they used to scalp people. This can be seen in the book ‘The American West 1840-1895, the struggle for the plains, By David Martin and Colin Shepard’ on source 3, page 6 as it shows and Indian scalping a dead cavalry man. It was produced by a person who engraved it in 1892. This has a very negative view on the Sioux Indians as it is ripping someone’s hair off with their skin. This source is quite unreliable because it is an artist’s impression and it is the man’s opinion of what he thinks the Indians do. It is also reliable because we can learn that they were wild savages. So far I find that they are wild savages, and we can see again that they are in source 9, page 19. This is a written account that describes an incident that George Catlin witnessed. It is a negative view on the Sioux Indians because Catlin saw the Sioux tribe leave an elderly man to die for no reason when he could live. As it was produced by George Catlin it is reliable as he saw what happened. It is also unreliable because every time someone was told about it, it would have changed slightly. This links back to the question because it shows that they wild savages because they have left someone to die. The Sioux were very wild and...
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