Were the 1920’s an Era of Social and Cultural Rebelion?

Topics: Sociology, Woman, 1920s Pages: 2 (642 words) Published: December 6, 2014

Were the 1920’s an Era of Social and Cultural Rebelion?

1. How did the status and behavior of American woman change in the 1920s?

The behavior of American woman changed due to a series of events that occurred that ultimately led to the social and cultural rebellion. The 19th amendment empowered the woman of that decade and allowed them to rebel against the traditional domestic roles that society has set for. Not only domestic roles but also sexual, economic and social roles were tested. Women were pushing limits that were set decades before, such as smoking, drinking, alternative clothing, and cosmetics. For example during Prohibition era many women were overrunning the speak easy bars to drink with fellow men, where they would wear different clothing which ultimately led to an era of Jazz. Also many people believed that a woman should not have intercourse let alone kiss someone if they were not engaged but men were allowed to have intercourse with multiple women. This double standard was not seen as an acceptable norm during these times. Many women also were expected to leave their job when they had families to take care of; during the 1st world war many women were allowed to work in the industry and were able to have more opportunities during this era. Many decided to choose work over family, which was the social norm during this time.

2. What impact did the availability of mass-produced consumer goods have on the lives of Americans of all classes in the 1920s?

The availability of mass-produced consumer goods changed the society into the typical American lifestyle that is known for. Once the chemical industry took off and electricity was provided for homes this revolutionize consumer goods. Now everyone wanted to have a radio, electric irons, vacuum cleaners, and washing machines. It was the new lifestyle that was occurring during that time and everyone wanted to keep up with it. Also when Henry Ford developed the Model T, in 5 years there...
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