Wendy Peterson Case

Topics: China, Organizational structure, Organizational culture Pages: 4 (1421 words) Published: December 10, 2014
Wendy Peterson Case

Problem Statement: Wendy Peterson is faced with the tough decision to supply Fred Wu with an assistant or lose him to a competitor.  Peterson’s actions going forward could affect the other members of the office and alter the working relationship with Wu in the future. 

Hypothesis 1: It may be possible that the Psychological Contract between Peterson and Wu may have been violated.  Analysis:  In "Note on Managing The Psychological Contract," Measurement tools and Measurement By Objectives have the most direct impact on a Psychological Contract and Wu was always just "too busy". In many instances, Wu violated the Psychological Contract by ignoring Peterson's directives for using their in-house Measurement tool to log sales activity.  Wu is very familiar with the tool, yet continuously disobeyed orders from Peterson.  He also rarely attends their weekly pipeline meetings, stating he was networking.  Again, Wu is just too busy.  Wu also violated the contract when he decided not to show up for AccountBank’s marketing conference, which was a no-call, no-show.  Staff are expected to volunteer their time and pass out materials, but Wu did not, leaving his team clueless on his whereabouts.  His lack of communication to peers and his superiors is a problem. 

Hypothesis2: It could be that the National Cultures are different between Peterson and Wu.  Peterson is unable to “read” Wu and the choices he makes, further indicating Peterson’s misunderstanding of the cross-cultural differences. Wu’s Corporate Culture involves more face-to-face interaction such as meeting for breakfasts, luncheons and dinners to earn the respect of his Chinese clientele. Peterson is unaware of the Chinese Corporate Cultural norms, therefore doesn’t understand Wu’s direction or strategy. Furthermore, while serving his clients, he doesn’t believe Account Manager’s should handle his accounts without him being copied on all emails and communication; he’d rather fulfill...
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