Welfare Essay

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English II

15 March, 2014


Did you know according to the Department of Commerce of the United States of America that over 12.8 million Americans are on welfare this year? And only about a half of them actually worked, not full time but just “worked”, and yet most recipients make more than minimum wage. These people are what most like to call the “Couch Potatoes” and “Welfare Queens”, why you may ask? Because most make money by doing absolutely nothing, conning through the government for their own terms of benefits. According to Census Bureau, 102 million Americans worked fulltime in 2011, and there were 109 million Americans receiving one or more benefits from the government. That means for each individual person working full-time that helps 1.07 of a person on some type of benefit. Yet each year the number of recipients is rising. The government should find better means in helping those in need, there are way to many flaws in the system. A family household consisting of a “husband” and “wife” with 2 children could easily file themselves off as single parents to benefit from the system. Even though they live in the same household, and a mother could even keep having kids to benefit the more kids she has the more money she makes. The facts are right there the government just doesn’t want to take action because there are way to many Americans on this system and way to few not. Which is quite ironic for how many millions of Americans are seen shopping for designer duds when there are apparently people in “desperate need” of financial support. So ask yourself this, Is it fair for us to work full-time and have are money being taken away from us for those who don’t need it, those who are just sitting around doing nothing compared to those who wake up at 5am and get home at 6pm to support their families and have it be taken away from them. No it’s not and this needs to stop, the...
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