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Should welfare mothers be required to work after a predetermined amount of time?

Mothers on welfare should be required to work. Even though mothers with newborn babies face increased responsibilities, there is an overwhelming amount of day care centers and babysitters that can provide relief for these mothers in order for them to enter the work force. With that being said, mothers can find jobs to better their financial status. The majority of welfare mothers are becoming too dependent on the help that is being provided for them. Also, by becoming dependant on welfare, mothers are setting bad examples for their children, and finally with all the help that the state is giving out, there are numerous state run programs that are on the brink of being closed.

Mothers who are receiving welfare are becoming too dependent on state aid. According to an internet poll 26.9% of welfare mothers are settling on the welfare program for two to five years, where as 19% are detaching themselves from the aid in less than seven months. What is the real difference between these two groups? There should be more laws and regulations enforced on these type of programs. Everyone needs help at some point in their lives and it’s ok to receive it, but there needs to be more control on how these funds are being distributed. At this time, it is difficult to accurately pinpoint who really needs and appreciates this help, and who is abusing and manipulating the system to their advantage. In my opinion there needs to be a grace period of six months to a year that mothers with newborns can receive aid. In this time mothers should prepare themselves for the real world by finding a job. Even so, the funds provided by the state will not last forever.

What kind of an example is being set to the future of this country? Is it ok to have unprotected sex at a very young age, without having a strong foundation of your own future? Is it ok to bring children to this world when the mother is...
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