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Welcome/Introduction --- Thanks

My name is Saw. I’m one of the students here. I think I don’t really look like a student. But I am one. I would like to welcome you here this morning. And I would like to say “Thank you very much” for coming. We know all of you are very busy, so we really appreciate you making the time for us. I thank all of my classmates as well because they gave me the chance to give the easy speech, I think, “ Welcome & Introduction”. I expected it to be easy but in reality it is not. I practiced a lot to give this speech in front of you but the practice didn’t work. I feel nervous. But I have to speak for the full time, three minutes. How long has gone already? Time up? Ok, no problem! I have more to say. I really like my school, Zwe K’Bin Myay. I think it is very suitable for youths who are in the gutter, like me. “why? Why?” I think you would like to ask me “Why?” You know that word is not strange for us. Our teachers use it a lot in our class. Many, many times she asks me. I’m sorry I have no chance to answer it now but my friends are waiting to answer your question. The important thing is you need to listen carefully. If you don’t see the point of what they are talking about, you can raise your hand up and ask “Can you repeat that please”. Ok? Ok? No, No I’m joking. You can hear a lot of speeches from all students. We got 21 students here, 21 speeches about everything this morning. I don’t know all what they going to talk to you. In the middle we mix with some nice songs. And then we are going to feed with special foods for your breakfast, we ordered from Hotel Zwe K’bin. I’m joking again. Ok, Thank you everyone. I really appreciate you coming and celebrating our School opening ceremony together with us. Thank you
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