weekend guest

Topics: Pop ballads, Weekend, Plane, Macbeth / Pages: 4 (978 words) / Published: Jan 18th, 2014
The Weekend Guest It was late December. Snowflakes were gently falling to the ground as I waited for Lady Macbeth’s plane to arrive in Kelowna. The fresh blanket of snow that covered the runway glistened in the light. I was so excited but also very nervous that my boss picked me to entertain Lady Macbeth for the entire weekend. Lady Macbeth was first to get off the plane and I greeted her with a smile and a friendly hug. “How was the flight?” I questioned. “It was crammed, there were way too many people and I am very jetlagged.” She replied. “We have a short drive before we reach the resort. When we get there, you may go straight to your room to sleep, if you wish.” Lady M is one of my boss’s very important clients; she is a big deal to the company’s new clothing line. She designed many of the new evening gowns, which we had a fashion show for this weekend. I had to make sure Lady M had a stress-free visit and she felt at home during her stay. My boss booked the weekend for us at Sparkling Hills Resort in Vernon, BC. It was very fancy and I myself was very excited to be able to stay there and use the amazing amenities that they offered. As the limo pulled up to the front entrance of Sparkling Hills, I watched Lady M’s eyes light up and the scowl on her face turned into a small grin. I sighed with relief. “Bobbi, this place looks absolutely beautiful. I love it!” shrieked Lady Macbeth. “Just wait until you see your suite!” I replied. Lady M and I quickly grabbed our purses and went inside to check the place out. It was already nine o’clock and I could tell that Lady M was very tired and needed to get some rest. “Here is your room key, you are in suite 402. I will meet you in the café downstairs for breakfast at ten o’clock. Does that sound okay?” I ask. Lady Macbeth kindly replied with “Thank you that sounds perfect. See you at ten! “ At breakfast we each had a veggie omelette with a glass of orange juice. Lady Macbeth

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