Week 3 SWOT Analysis Group C

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Modell’s Sporting Goods
Melba Grant, Alison, and Amanda
DeVry College

Group C

Organization Name: Modell’s Sporting Goods
Section I: Description: Write a brief company history, including a mission statement if available. Modell's Sporting Goods is the country's oldest, family-owned, and operated, merchant of sporting goods, sporting attire, menswear, and brand name athletic footwear. Morris A Modell founded Modell’s Sporting Goods as a single store in 1889 in Manhattan making it possibly the third oldest sporting goods store in North America. Modell's approach as "Your Hometown Sporting Goods Store" through local specific contributions, community relationships, and curriculums such as Team Weeks, which supports neighboring schools, leagues, and non-profit organizations has made it a very profitable establishment through the years. Modell's #1 mission statement is "Listen, Respect, and Respond" to the needs of their customers, associates, and vendors. (Wikipedia, 2014)

Modell’s mission is to satisfy the unique needs of the communities we serve, inspiring sporting participation, and celebrating the achievements of local teams and athletes. We accomplish this through sport specific merchandising, targeted assortments, an engaging, authentic store experience, and a commitment to quality and value. We deliver on this mission because we listen, respect, and respond to our valued associates, customers, and vendors. (Modell's Sporting Goods, 2014) Section II: Thoroughly explain at least two major strengths and two major weaknesses (review Chapter 8) of the organization. Make sure to include absolute or comparative advantages

Strength-1: Longevity
To become a forerunner in the industry as a business establishment, it is must ascertain the weaknesses and threats and using strength and opportunities it can continue to exist in the industry. Modell’s has been in existence for over 50 years and is a family business; this longevity is a major strength as it gives a testament to the reputation of the company. The formal running of the business based on the etiquette policies whereby the customer is first priority therefore making the company to stand out for better services to the society (Rosenthal, 2002). The governing presidents ensure quality services and products are readily available for their esteemed customers. Strength-2: Specialty Store

One of the key benefits of a specialty store is its focus on a single class of products. This gives owners and employees a chance to develop expertise and a reputation for knowledge and selection within the store's defined specialty (Rosenthal, 2002). Modell’s Sporting Goods store Specializes in both areas of manufacturing and sales. Modell’s has three sites, which is currently in operation of manufacturing and sales of goods and equipment. In addition to having, three sites Modell’s have well skilled staff, trained in areas of the specialty store products.

Weakness-1 Not Diversified
The strengths and weaknesses of an enterprise connect to its interior fundamentals such as capitals, operational programs, and departments such as sales, marketing, and distribution. More particularly, a strength is an advantageous skill or proficiency that a business dominates that allows it to create competitive advantages; a company’s weakness is a unplanned disadvantage such as a skill that the business lacks creates potential risks in negative monetary conditions. The majority of Modell’s stores are located in the northeast region of the United States hence, not fully diversified across the world. This limits its competitive advantage especially in the world market whereby most companies operate on the “only the stronger to survive” concept (Fine, 2009). However, the weakness can be squared out through national and international expansion packages thus exposure to the world market trends which will strengthen its survival.

Weakness-2 Cannot compete on a national...

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