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Topics: Web page, Dihydrogen monoxide hoax, World Wide Web Pages: 2 (458 words) Published: August 4, 2012

The website which states that it has been created to present “an unbiased data clearinghouse” is clearly a manipulation of the ignorance of the masses. It is presented with the same scientistic manner used by so called experts during the period of phrenology. Unlike phrenology however, real “scientific evidence” is used to authenticate this website’s premise that dihydrogen monoxide is “the silent killer”. The viewer of the webpage does not need to be very stealth in determining the validity of the webpage as the producer clearly indicates Note: content veracity not implied Authorship

The page was produced by the apparent Dihydrogen Monoxide Research Division said to be located in Newark, Delaware The author of the page is Tom Way; the website itself does not provide any direct information about the author itself however, a quick internet search reveals that Tom Way is a professor of computer science at Villanova University and is neither an expert in biology or environmental sciences the website appears to have no sponsorship or offer any avenue to determine the original source of the document

The document has a dater at the bottom of the page that the page is updated daily, Each time a user logs on to the website the message Last updated: followed by the current date is posted. This gives the impression that the website is regularly maintained, however the information itself is dated and through mere speculation, the information presented does not appear to have actually been updated past 2008. All links to external websites (including: Greenpeace and the Environmental Protection Agency) are legitimate websites that are maintained and updated regularly.

The document covers a variety of topics outlining the “dangers” of dihydrogen monoxide. It also outlines the ways that dihydrogen monoxide is used in widely consumed products such as baby food and dairy products, as an “enhancement” with athletes and other uses worldwide....
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