We Googled You

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An analysis of the Case

“We Googled You”

Written Analysis Communication

Letter of transmittal

Mr. Fred Westen
CEO, Hathaway Jones

Sub: Action plan for Mimi’s recruitment for China’s operations

Dear Fred,

As per your instructions, I have prepared a detailed analysis report on the situation faced by you. I suggest that you should not hire Mimi for the company’s China operations. Instead, you should hire Mimi for another position in USA. The following pages present a detailed analysis of the situation and available options and their evaluation, recommendation and action steps to be followed.

Yours sincerely,
John Cash
Executive Consultant
Boston Consulting Group (New York office)

Executive Summary

Fred Westen was interested in hiring his old roommate John Brewster’s daughter Mimi for Hathaway Jones’s expansion into China. After the first interview, Fred forwarded Mimi’s profile to Virginia. The background verification on Google search revealed Mimi’s involvement in protests that included China’s treatment against a journalist in California. Based on these findings, Fred is unable to decide whether to hire Mimi for China operations. Considering various evaluation criteria and options, I suggest Fred should hire Mimi for the expansion plan in China but as a strategist working from the U.S office. Situation Analysis

Demand for Hathaway Jones products in the US market was on the decline. So the company wanted to look for new opportunities. So, Fred Westen, CEO of Hathaway Jones, planned to expand the company’s operations in China. Fred’s old roommate and a good friend, John Brewster, called him and asked him to meet his daughter Mimi who was interested in being part of the expansion plan. Fred met Mimi a month later in his office where she tried to impress him with her insights and knowledge of Chinese culture. Fred was already impressed with her credentials and recommendations and noncommittally offered to arrange some interviews. Fred forwarded her file to Virginia Flanders who did a routine Google search on her. The information on the net revealed that back in 1999 Mimi was the leader of a non-violent vocal protest group against the World Trade Organization. She was also part of another protest against China’s treatment of a dissident journalist. Virginia reported these findings to Fred and suggested that Mimi, if hired, could get the company into trouble in China. She also told Fred that discussing these matters directly with Mimi could get the company into legal troubles of internet searching. But Fred does not want to lose a candidate like Mimi.

Problem Statement
Should Fred hire/do not hire Mimi for China operations based on the above findings? Options
1. Hire Mimi for China operations
2. Do not hire Mimi
3. Hire Mimi for other position
4. Hire for a different role for China operations
Criteria forevaluation
Cultural Factor
Relationship with Chinese government
Talent Retention
Implications within the organization(Relation between Fred and Virginia) Fred's Relationship With John
Legal and Privacy Concerns

Evaluation of options
Factors considered for evaluation
Don't hire Mimi
Hire Mimi for China Operations
Hire for a different role for China operations
Hire Mimi for other position In US
Cultural Factor

Relationship with the Chinese government

Talent Retention

Implications within the organization
(Relation between Fred and Virginia)

Fred's Relationship With John

Legal and Privacy Concerns

Hire Mimi for China Operations:
There is a huge cultural misfit if Mimi is hired for China operations. Even though she has good credentials, previous employers of Mimi have described her as aggressive and opinionated, whereas the Chinese expect humbleness andmodesty from their...
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