We Are All Born for Love

Topics: Love, Emotion, Feeling Pages: 4 (1473 words) Published: April 11, 2006
We are all born for love.
It is the principle of existence, and its only end.
Benjamin Disraeli

Love…does it mean for you something? Of course it seems to be very strange, mysterious and unknown, but you can not deny the fact that love always arouses only pleasant emotions in people. Although, it is not so easy to clear up what love is. I am sure that everybody will say that it is a great feeling which changes people for the better and makes them very romantic and sensitive to each other. And it is not only an attraction to another person – it is a comprehension of him, a gasp of his soul and body. This is the most concise, the most compact embodiment of all human forces – physical and mental. If you are in love you should understand your partner with all the depths of your heart and mind. As French people say: "Love means to understand, to be loved- to be understood." It is love that helps a gloomy person to become a cheerful one, aggressive- very sentimental and rude- very affectionate.Anyone can see with half an eye that a person is in love. There is no special time, reason, or circumstances for love. You can be waiting, and waiting, and waiting for love and it will come,but it will come only that every moment when you are oblivious of it. Love is possibly the most mysterious human feeling, the most incomprehensive and enigmatic. But love can be happy and unhappy, reciprocal or vice verse; it also can be passionate, platonic and so on. And according to each type of love people have different feelings, they behave themselves differently. When we are speaking about love we often say that one of the mysteries of this feeling is a person to overstate the virtues of his love. When you are in love you you have a gift and this gift is beyond any other feelings. A loving person is able to see such depths of his lover, which are often closer for the lover himself. Some people are so selfish that prefer better to be loved...
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