Water Resource

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Water Resource

William Reynolds



Karen Stelly

Our disputants put me in mind of the skuttle fish, that when he is unable to extricate himself, blackens all the water about him, till he becomes invisible.

-Joseph Addison
In The Spectator, no.476, 5 Sept.

I always love to look at ocean, sea, lakes, any body of water that overwhelms me when I look at it. It’s exciting to go to a park and just be around, respecting it present and the depth of the life it hold within. My fascination with water is just curiosity; I just can’t come not looking away from it miraculous color and smell when approach the sandy beaches and just look out toward the horizon, knowing that there no end to it. This H2O (water) has been here since the forming of the earth, at the peak of creation. If the ocean could talk, what stories it would tell us, the start of life crawling from endless of this liquid. My fascinations with water start when I about ten or twelve, and my best friend and I would go into the woods and just explore the other side of country. There was this old railroad track that was about mile away from where I stayed. My friend and I were curious to where it lead to, so we follow the track to see where it winded up. We kept following it then we heard something, the closer we get the louder it got. There was like a mist of smoke like water or something, as we came around the old tracks there before our own eyes was a waterfall. It was like the waterfall you see in the movies, like a tall waterfall, it was taller than a ten storage building. The railroad bridge that went across it, at that age I was afraid of highest, and dared not to cross it. We went do to check it out, and the flow of water that was pouring on the side of the cliff looked amazing. I don’t know that we had something like that behind where we stay, it was exciting to just look at it, and we follow the river toward the end, but the bigger and wider it got. So we stop and turned back around because we were miles away from home and, it was getting dark. I never when back, but when I did, somebody put up the fence around the property. Whoever bought sure was keeping folk out of it. That was a bummer, but my fascination about river, streams and lakes made me wonder how they was formed and how it got there. I could remember a time that there was investigation of hazardous disposed in the certain part of the river. This investigation was featured by a company that was dumping chemical in the swamp area of Georgia. This company at a period of time was dump mercury substance in to river and streams causing environmental of fish not to be eating from downstream. People were cautious about catching fish from downstream that they fear to getting poison by eat fish in the public area of the river. http://chronicle.augusta.com/stories/1996/09/16/met_199578.shtml Water pollution is a global problem that varies in magnitude and type of pollutant from one region to another. In many locations, particularly in developing countries, the main water pollution issue providing individuals with disease-free drinking water.(Chapter 10.4) Now, I been live in the Columbia S.C. for about year and it real nice place to live; I experience most of their river and their famous Lake Murray in Lexington County. My concerns are that their building abounded of suburban house near the beautiful lake, and the wild life that lives in the area. SCACOG.org say that population density impacts most environmental issues, including air and water quality, energy consumption, and land use. In 1992, there were 2,091 people residing per urban square mile in the Upstate; however, by 2010 had declined to 1,201 per urban square mile Although many population density increase in Greenville and Spartanburg Counties, urban population density dropped by 34% during this time period. A consequence of sprawl is eliminating of forest cover and farmland, along with all its other...
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