Watchmen Analysis

Topics: Human, Watchmen, Characters of Watchmen Pages: 2 (618 words) Published: June 20, 2013
Watchmen: At Midnight, All the Agents..
Rachel LeBlanc
June 2nd, 2013

The Watchmen begins at the scene of the crime. Edward Blake, who was pushed off of the balcony of his apartment, is being investigated by two policemen. They discuss how Edward must have been approached by one large men, or two men because he is so big himself. Once the policemen leave, Rorschach drops a visit to see what had happened. Rorschach, the protagonist in the story, investigates the scene of the crime briefly to discover the Comedian suit in the closet. Meanwhile, Dan Dielgberg, a former crime fight named Nite Owl, shares the night with another retired partner in the investigations as they discuss the old days. Dan eventually says goodbye and heads home to find Rorschach in his home, eating his food. Dan and Rorschach use to be partners before Dan quit, but he still remains the closest friend to Rorschach, who lives quite solitarily. Rorschach explains to Dan what he saw and the two head down to the Workshop in Dan’s basement. The conversation slowly changes to Dan’s retirement, and the two former partners argue about Dan quitting. Rorschach eventually leaves to investigate more.

He heads to the Happy Harry’s to interrogate the men at the bar with his ruthless methods to get information out of people. He breaks a man’s finger in order to get some sort of answer, but gets nothing and leaves the bar. He heads to former costumed hero Adrian “Ozymandias” Veidt’s billion dollar home to tell him he found the Comedian dead. He warns him of the masked killer.Rorschach visits Dr. Manhattan, a former human being who now is the only hero in the books with real powers. The blue man reveals that Rorschach is wanted by the police and is accompanied by Laurie, who is upset by Rorschach’s news and has strong views on the Comedian himself. Because of this, Dr. Manhattan asks Rorschach to leave to please Laurie, his girlfriend. Once Rorschach leaves, she voices her opinions on...
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