Was Lincoln Right Or Wrong Essay

Topics: Slavery in the United States, American Civil War, Slavery, Abraham Lincoln, United States, African American / Pages: 2 (368 words) / Published: May 3rd, 2017
a better chance at connecting with the audience there. Lincoln was disappointed to realize, that most people seemed to be for slavery and not against it which only helped Douglas in the debates. In Charleston, Lincoln knew he had to work even harder to come back from Jonesboro. Lincoln took this opportunity to show his support to the Fugitive Slave Law and to break away from the idea of him being an abolitionist. Lincoln made sure that all he spoke was truth and to accept that fact that sometimes he was wrong. Lincoln stated in this debate that he believed that slavery was being protected by the Constitution, and although it was a bold statement, it seemed to move in his favor. Also, Lincoln stated, “Now, my opinion is, that the different States have the power to make a negro a citizen under the Constitution of the United States, if they choose. The Dred Scott decision decides that they have not” (Holzer, 226). Lincoln began to regain his confidence in the fifth debate at Knox College. Lincoln spoke more aggressively and firmly attacked Douglas’ points. Lincoln believed that no one should be able to take away an individual’s God-given right to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness,” blacks were “our equals” (Holzer, 236). If Lincoln had one belief that could never be taken away from him, it would be that everyone was equal and that slavery was “morally and politically wrong.” This debate was a very important mile …show more content…
This debate seemed to be more personal than any of the previous debates. Most of the issues discussed seemed to be about physical appearances and personalities, and the whole debate seemed to be filled with seriousness. The seventh and final debate, was held in Alton, Illinois, on October 15, 1858. Although this was the last debate, it was one of the smallest crowd appearances. Instead of bringing up new material in the last debate, both candidates focused on summarizes all

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