Was Freud Crazy or Correct?

Topics: Sigmund Freud, Unconscious mind, Psychoanalysis Pages: 2 (573 words) Published: March 22, 2007
"The Oedipus complex" is Sigmund Freud's theory in which he believes through a self-analysis that all children go through a stage in which they "love their opposite-sex parent and hate their same-sex parent." Having these thoughts normally happen in your unconscious mind as in when you're dreaming. Many people wake up feeling guilty for having these thoughts, but it is completely a normal stage if you don't feel like you will actually act out on these dreams. It also has to do with your superego. You don't show feelings from your superego very often because it shows your unconscious feelings. Freud also states that most children outgrow these feelings about their parents and those that do not "need psychoanalytic help."

The name of "The Oedipus complex" comes from the legend of King Oedipus in which he kills his father Laius and marries his mother Jocasta. An oracle had predicted to Laius that his son would kill him. They feared Oedipus so much that they abandoned him. In the end, Oedipus went to find his real parents after he found out he was adopted. While he was traveling got into a fight with some men. Oedipus killed them all, including his father. Oedipus asked Jocasta for her hand in marriage. Oedipus doesn't even know that Laius is his father or that Jocasta is his mother but because of the curse and his wishes that he had as a child, it happens anyway. When Oedipus found out, he committed these crimes, he felt terrible.

Since Freud explains that most adults have already outgrown this feeling, I can't think of many real life examples that I have of adults behaving in this way except with people who are mentally ill. If the opposite-sex parent takes care of the adult, he may tell them often that they love them but hate their same-sex parent because he may take away from the time the parent spends with the adult. I have seen little boys and little girls who are very attached to their opposite-sex parent. An example of that would be when a little girl...
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