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The alleged misunderstandings were that the War Guilt Clause was to prevent Germany from any counter-arguments and asking for reimbursement. However, it was later associated with Germany and its "war guilt". This illustrates that "In politics, perception is reality" because despite the true purpose of the War Guilt Clause, the perceptions of the Allied nations of Germany's role in World War I became reality for them. Not only did it become reality, it completely altered their perception and believed that all the blame was on Germany. 2. The German viewpoint on the War Guilt Clause was that it was highly unfair, and denied that "Germany and its people... were alone guilty". The Allies viewpoint was that it was to state the crimes of "Kaiser Wilhelm" and for Germany to take responsibility of all losses suffered by the Allies as a result of the war. I agree with the German point of view more, because I don't believe World War I was solely caused by one country. Although I agree that Germany was partially responsible, they should not have to take responsibility for "all loses" of the war. 3. I believe that the Allies were in a tussle with the rest of the world. Destructive for Humanity. War is, without argument the worst collective experience of humanity. It has created new nations on the rubbles of destroyed cities and humans dead.

It involves mass killing without humane feelings even if short and swift. Our recent experience with Kargil, which was not even not even a full-fledged war, reopened the sordidness of military action.

Wars, when prolonged like the World Wars, result in human brutality, mass extermination of races and intolerable atrocities on innocent civilians. All rules are kept on the backburner and what matters is victory or defeat. The 21st Century has seen the development of weapons, controlled by computerized systems, with pin-point accuracy and a million-fold increase in powers of destruction compared to our previous wars.

Weapons and...
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