Wants Vs. Needs

Topics: Charles Dickens, Ebenezer Scrooge, Time Pages: 1 (386 words) Published: October 29, 2014

A Christmas Carol
The Ghost of Christmas Past looks like a child with young smooth skin, but he has white hair like and old man. The ghost shows scrooge his past, Scrooge had forgotten all about the past until the ghost showed him. When scrooge was young he was Fezziwig’s apprentice, scrooge was at a Christmas party having lots of fun. Scrooge liked the past and sees how nice FizziWig was to his workers. Scrooge was always mean to Bob Chrachit and wishes he could say something nice to him. Scrooge learned a valuable lesson from this ghost, that he was happy when he was young, and that his happiness affected people around him. The Ghost of Christmas Present is a happy and is filled with holiday joy. This ghost shows scrooge what Cratchit and Fred (Scrooge’s nephew) are doing to get prepared for the holidays; both houses are warm, cheerful, and loving. Scrooge understands that Cratchit’s son, Tiny Tim is weak and feeble. Scrooge realizes that he actually cares about what is happening to Tiny Tim. He also enjoys watching his nephew’s home. Scrooge puts a side his grumpiness for a minute and starts to feel the spirit of the holiday. Scrooge learns from this ghost that he must appreciate the present and not always worry about the future. He must learn to be happy with what he already has. The last ghost, the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come, is different from the first two. This ghost shows no happiness. The ghost is like a haze, he doesn’t feel real to scrooge. Scrooge is shown his future: Scrooges death and the grieving death of Tiny Tim. This teaches scrooge that he was living a miserable life, and that his attitude affected others. Scrooge learns that he still has time to change and that if he doesn’t; he’s going to live the life in the vision. By showing scrooges these sad visions, scrooge knows that he still has time to change his ways and affect others. By seeing his future scrooges starts to behave differently. Immediately after seeing these visions scrooge...
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