Walt Disney Organizational Planning 1

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Disney is a diversified company with operations in three business segments: films/entertainment, theme parks/resorts, and consumer products.  A major portion of Disney’s business comes from their theme parks and resorts.  The Disney Corporation has three theme parks in the United States and two international parks located in Paris and Tokyo.  Disney utilizes a fundamental component called synergy in all of their business entities.  “Synergy can be described as “using ideas generated in one part of the company to fuel ideas in other seemingly unrelated areas of the company” (Wasko, 2000). The two important elements of Disney to create and produce the finest entertainments have been creativity and innovation. Walt Disney firmly believes that every employee in the company has valuable information to share throughout their career with Disney.  Because of that, managers are encouraged to conduct daily staff meetings and to create a loose environment where people are willing to engage in the ritual of defending their ideas until a good one comes along.  This open communication culture often leads to make the dream a reality and the success of Disney’s projects.   According to the SWOT Analysis of 2014, “Walt Disney and its affiliates are a diversified entertainment organization, which attract clients through cable networks, electronic games, and amusement parks” (The Walt Disney Company, 4). Using its' portfolio brands, the company operated in separate sections investing in all the segments that brought revenue, as it increased profits and margins, “For instance, in FY2011, media networks, Walt Disney’s largest segment, generated 458% of its overall revenues. This was followed by park and resorts (28.8%), studio entertainment (15.5%), consumer products (7.5%), and interactive media (2.4%)” (The Walt Disney Company, p 6).  Disney University was established after the opening of Disneyland.  Since no institute was able to teach the skills needed for the employees, they...

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