Walmart Case Study

Topics: Business, Retailing, Ethics Pages: 2 (620 words) Published: November 6, 2008
Case Study 2: The Wal-Mart Way

1) Should Wal-Mart be expected to protect small businesses in the communities within which it operates?
There is no rule that has been set that or law that has been written saying that any business whether large or small has to protect other businesses in the community in which it is located in. While because Wal-Mart has grown so big and its effecting small businesses all over the United States it almost feels like it should have to it still does not.

2) What does it mean for an organization to be ethical in its communication and practices?
Organizational ethics basically express the values of an organization to its employees and/or other entities irrespective of governmental and/or regulatory laws. Some basic elements of an ethical organization are to have a written code of ethics and standards; ethics training to executives, managers, and employees; availability for advice on ethical situations; and systems for confidential reporting.

3) Does Wal-Mart truly harm the downtown areas of small communities, or does it just offer a challenge to change that is uncomfortable for the local merchants?
I believe that Wal-Mart truly can harm the downtown areas of small communities. As stated in the case study there is not really anyway to go up against Wal-Mart and win head-on. You have to try and come up with a niche or special market that Wal-Mart cannot carry at such a low rate like its other products. It’s almost like a David vs. Goliath but in the retail industry and you have to find that one lucky rock that helps you win.

4) What kind of experience have you had with the local Wal-Mart, and do you go there often?
The local Wal-Mart in boone is like most any other Wal-Mart in a small town. It has not been upgraded to the supercenter just yet but carries just about anything you need to get by. I try as hard as I can to go other places to buy what I can but sometimes its just not worth it because I would...
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