Wall E
Topics: Human, Pollution / Pages: 3 (651 words) / Published: May 12th, 2013

Wall-E essay
This should be big and obvious, considering this is what the movie is all about. The ship was created for the purpose of luxury and turned into an escape from the planet because humans had entirely destroyed and used up all natural resources beyond repair. This is supposed to take place in the future, but there are many experts that say we are getting very close to doing this to the earth (within the next 50 years or less). Trash is compacted, shooting it out into space. Apparently, the reason for being in space has long been forgotten. It seems there is nothing to wake up the sleeping mind. Humans cannot see the problem of being wasteful and what it creates. Ground: Garbage becoming so intense that plants could no longer grow larger or start growing in the earth. Water, became unsafe to drink or use, then disappeared. So why trash? Why was Wall-E left to clean up after the fat and lazy humans left earth? Are we the bad guys? When the editor came up with trash, it was honestly because it was visual. You didn’t need to have English to explain it. Even a little kid will understand that, you know, you have to pick that up. And it shows that he was interested in what we were all about. Since when is pointing out that taking care of the environment, encouraging responsible care of the earth, and respecting nature and its resources "leftist" or "evil?" Nature, left to its own devices, does what it needs to do. The damage is done by mankind, and that is a simple fact, it is not an opinion but a fact. Clear cutting, cheap mining claims bought by mega corporations who pollute the land and water supplies with cyanide and then leave it for the American taxpayer to clean up, mountain top mining, and the resulting poisonous river sludge, ocean pollution the size of North America floating in the oceans, untested GM crops being forced on farmers and the American public being denied the right to know what's GM or not, private farmers being denied the right to test

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