Wall Street

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Olivya Ross
Wall Street Movie Reaction

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Wall Street Movie Reaction

Bud Fox was an ordinary stock broker not doing good at him job. By him being impatient with getting money he was willing to do anything to get to the top, including trading on illegal inside information taken through a ruthless and greedy corporate person whom takes him under his wing, named Gordon Gekko. Taking the advice and working closely with Gekko, Fox soon finds himself swept into a world of shady business deals, the "good life", fast money, and fast women. Bud soon looses sight of himself as a person and gets used by Gekko. When he wants out he goes against Gekko and they both go to jail.

In this movie bud uses every form of networking, from formal to informal. Downward networking communication is when people of higher rank tell you to do something. This kind of communication is shown when Fox’s boss tells him how bad he is doing with his clients and to fix it at the beginning of the movie. Also, when he starts working for Gekko how he makes Fox go out and do something illegal for him, even though he shouldn’t have he really wanted the money. Upward networking communication is when someone inferior goes and talks to someone of higher rank. This form of communication was demonstrated when Fox first went to Gekko’s office to pitch an idea. Another time was when he comes up with new and creative things to do later on in the movie for his job.
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