Waiting for Godot Analysis

Topics: Waiting for Godot, Lucky, Samuel Beckett Pages: 3 (1090 words) Published: June 7, 2012
Saket Somani
Waiting For Godot- Samuel Beckett

TITLE: The title of the book ‘Waiting For Godot’ tells us that someone is waiting for something named Godot. We don’t know what it is or who is Godot if it’s perhaps a person. Godot can be anything from a savior to a god or even a rich employer who can make Vladimir and Estragon a fortune. Godot according to me symbolizes a kind of hope for the two men. It symbolizes hope for them to have a better life or hope for them to be rich and have large houses to live in, with people working for them. Although the play may seem very existentialist but according to me the play is all about hope. The play is basically revolving around Vladimir and Estragon waiting for hope (GODOT) to arrive. I am calling Godot hope because people can interpret it to be a savior or god and that’s why hope is a mixture of both. You would have hopes from a savior and also have hope from god to help you out of a problem and that’s exactly why hope is a better name to give it than the other two.

STRUCTURE: The play has been divided into two acts but the location for the acts is one through out the play, ‘A country road, a tree’ the only thing that changes in the play is the time of the day. In the two acts there are four identical sections that go as follows: Vladimir and Estragon arrive and wait, Pozzo and Lucky come and leave, then a messenger arrives and leaves leaving Vladimir and Estragon by themselves again. Due to this repeat in the structure of the play it can be said that waiting for Godot is a perfectly parallel play. The fact is that Act 2 ends in the same way as Act 1 and that means that if there were to be another Act it would too end in the same manner, because the truth is that Godot will never show up throughout the play giving it a very repetitive structure. Even though the structures of the acts are repeated but what happens in those act haven’t been repeated. In Act 1 Vladimir and Estragon are both waiting for...
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