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Topics: Recycling, Isla Vista, California, Environmental science Pages: 3 (1084 words) Published: December 3, 2014
In this volunteer project should we clean the beach, but that wasn’t our primary project to conduct. Our primary project was taking care of the dogs, feed them, wash them and walk them. We voted for that project and were the most popular project, so we choose that. Unfortunately something happened, and we couldn’t do that volunteer project, the reason was, that we needed stay as active volunteers for about 3 months, because we only have AY foundation about 6 weeks, wouldn’t it be available to conduct that project, otherwise we should use our spare time the following weeks, to complete the process! Due to the short time, Clarissa chooses for us and found this organization which clean up Isla Vista, our focus was on the beach, because of ocean. The beach becomes dirtier and dirtier every year! The students can’t handle their trash and throw the trash in the streets. Therefore the environment around the beach has changed and changed the animal conditions. When the conditions for the animals change, the food chain will change. In the end, this will affect us! We destroy our own nature! Our beautiful nature will be damaged and the population of the animals will drop. Our aspects on this topic is too small and incomprehensible! Not many in the community knows about the big island of trash. It’s a big island made out of garbage. This island is floating around in the ocean and makes a lot of trouble for the sea life near the garbage world. Halloween is incredible big in IV, thousands of students from all around America, join the crowd on Del Playa and party for hours. Parties with lots of red cups, red cups everywhere. If we look at the statistics of Halloween last year in Isla Vista, we will see some horrible numbers. This cleanup event is HalloClean, and is the 3020 blocks were collected that day, 1070 bags of trash and recyclables, almost 710 cubic feet of recyclables of trash, and 8474 pounds of trash. This incredible numbers is only for one day, it’s insane that...
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