Topics: High school, Mount Fuji, Izu Peninsula Pages: 6 (1707 words) Published: April 29, 2013
Take a sight at the landscape, which is covered by a thick layer of grayish, dense dust. The sky itself is filled with ominous clouds, thick enough to almost blot out the Sun. A functioning TV, found in the plant among some other supplies, reveals to them that there is much danger in Tokyo, and that most cities have been taken over by looters. There appears to be no functioning government anymore. The weather starts to change, with the sky becoming reddish and lightning falling even though there are no clouds. After flying into a massive, thick cloud and getting lost, the team ends up landing by a cliff in search for fuel. Iwada and Nimura go over the geography. Because the ash cloud is between them and Tokyo and it's impossible to fly directly through it without damaging the helicopter's engine, they decide to take a detour through the Izu peninsula. Iwada worries about the lack of fuel, wondering if they even have enough to reach Izu. Before they can gather much, the road starts to collapse into the sea and they have to fly away. They land in Izu, and meet a survivor, a former teacher who tells them that a tsunami hit, reaching far inland, and the main town has been taken over by looters. She has medical training and tells them Teru has tetanus, due to the untreated wound inflicted to him by Nobuo in the tunnel. Iwada stays behind to repair the helicopter, while Ako and Nimura, much to his annoyance, go to the nearby town searching for medicine and fuel. During the trek to the town, Ako and Nimura have to camp out for the night, and they briefly see lights in the distance. The next day, they find mutilated bodies at a nearby lake, and soon after encounter survivors, a frightened young man and his companion, a seemingly disabled boy with strange scars on his head. Other people appear, these ones from the town Ako and Nimura are trying to reach, and attack them in a frenzy. The silent boy gets badly burned on his arm, but incredibly doesn't emit a sound even in that situation, as if completely numb to pain. A man from the mob, a policeman, shoots and wounds Nimura, and he, Ako and the scarred boy are captured and brought to the town. Soon after, they are cornered in the hospital by the townspeople. Nimura and Ako fight through a wave of them and escape on a motorcycle. Kikuchi, left alone, is beaten into a bloody pulp by one of the aggressors, but scares him off when he doesn't die of his injuries, and mocks everyone for the fear they feel. Nimura, on the other hand, explains that he looks out only for himself, but says that he is different from the townspeople — he is afraid to die, unlike them. Iwada says he wants to go to Tokyo too, and also to see Mount Fuji. Everyone comes with except for the lady, who stays back to rebuild her destroyed town. Parting with Ako and Teru, she warns them not to give in to fear, and that fear itself can be faced and conquered. The helicopter's engine now can withstand the thick ash in the sky, and thus the group decides to try to fly through the massive black cloud. After a long, perilous voyage, they finally manage to leave it behind them, though what waits for them leaves them in utter horror and amazement. They find themselves in complete darkness, the only lights coming from plumes and rivers of lava on the ground, which is reduced to a charred, lifeless wasteland, where they see the wrecks of the helicopter squadron that Nimura's crew belonged to. Mount Fuji has vanished, and in its place they find a gigantic hole in the ground, miles in diameter. They dare to fly inside the hole to see how deep it goes, but after descending for a while, they are overcome by fear and ascend quickly, leaving the seemingly bottomless pit behind. Considering the abnormal weather, the continuous rain of ash and the black clouds so thick that they block out the Sun, the group theorizes that Mount Fuji suffered a catastrophically massive volcanic eruption, or that ameteor hit it and triggered the...
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