Visual Impact

Topics: Bus, Tram, Bus rapid transit Pages: 3 (948 words) Published: April 17, 2013
A Visual Impact Assessment
Assignment: Week 5
Yvonnie Hoover, David Kolinofsky, John De Laura
Transportation Economics, TLMT601, Winter
Dr. Onwuatuegwa Echezona
08 February 2013

Recently implemented vintage trolley systems are closely tied to revitalization and enhancement of commercial districts. The collective business communities in the cities researched give vintage trolleys high marks for being positive influences in those cities. The projects have been positive activities for both the city as a whole as well as the commercial interests directly affected. Disruption due to construction has been minimal and more than overcome by the positive factors once operation began. There does not appear to be any significant impact on general traffic flow on those systems where mixed traffic is allowed. The use of an overhead wire for electrical power is not perceived as having any negative impact on the aesthetic of the urban landscape. On the contrary, vintage trolley projects offer opportunities for improvement of the urban scene through lighting improvements, sidewalk amenities and other beautification. Vintage trolley projects have been shaped by the involvement of the local business community, with individuals and associations playing major roles in planning, implementing and operating the systems. There are several transportation options available when determining what transit system to use in a downtown setting. One of the most popular transit options is bus transit. Buses are used all over the United States from Chicago, IL to Los Angeles, CA to Greensboro, NC. Diesel buses are the most common type of bus and can cost upwards of $300,000 each to purchase (MacKechnie, 2013). As with all diesel powered vehicles, they excrete exhaust and cause pollution in the surrounding area. Another option that has seen success in Dallas, TX is the trolley. They provide a much quieter and pollution free ride compared to buses (Snider, 2007). While trolleys...

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