Visual Communication

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Visual Communication

Visual Literacy in Business

Visual Communication in Clothing

By choosing what clothing we wear, weather tight clothes, baggy clothes, bright clothes or dull clothing, what we chose to wear categorizes us as individuals and communicates a message to those around us. Clothing is a very good way to visually communicate. The clothing that we as individuals wear can express and communicate different messages to other people. In the following paragraphs I will give examples of different types of visual communication in clothing, and show how different types of clothing, can communicate different messages to different people. Clothing can be used to express an individual’s sense of style. It can be used to express who they are, what they are thinking, what they are feeling and even their social status. By picking and choosing what we wear we are visually communicating to others around us who we are as people. One of the ways that we communicate to others is by picking different symbols and signs on our clothing to express our individual likes and opinions. By wearing symbols and signs on our clothing, or what I would call logos, we can express many different messages. Different logos can put out different feelings and different status ranks in society. For example the logo of an overlapping LV, figure 1.1, is the brand Louis Vuitton. By seeing this commonly know symbol we automatically associate it with the upper-class or wealth. [pic]Figure 1.1

The same could be said for the symbol or logo for the brand Nike. The swoosh or check, figure 1.2, is very recognizable. By seeing the Nike logo we automatically associate the symbol with sports or athletes. This is common with these two examples because through out the years we have seen through advertisements and pictures that the Louis Vuitton symbol visually communicates wealth and the Nike symbol visually communicates athletics. When people wear these symbols and...
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