Violent video games

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Violent video games and their effects of
Stress, Aggressive behavior, and
Physiological arousal.


Violent Video Games and their Effects of Stress, Aggressive Behavior, and Physiological Arousal It’s a highly debated subject by politicians, doctors, and parents to ban violent video games. There have been a number of accounts where adolescents cause mass murder. Police Officers and doctors concluded that they were influenced by violent video games. The game “Doom” was played by Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold before they went on a shooting and bombing spree at their high school, Columbine High School, in 1999. They killed 13 people and injured 24 people. Since that first mass murder at a high school, there have been several copy cats shootings, mainly occurring in American high school. For example, the Adam Lanza, a 20-year-old, fatally shot 20 children and 6 adult staff members after he was influenced by Angers Breivik’s massacre that took the lives of 77 people. Both Lanza and Breivik we a fan of violent video games. Hasan, Begue, and Bushman (2012) examine for the first time cardiac coherence a measurement to link aggression as the effect of violent video games. Cardiac Coherence is the smoothness synchronization of the heart and breathing rhythm (Hasan, Begue & Bushman, 2013). When there is an emotional or physical stimulation imbalance it is picked up out by Cardiac Coherence (Childre & Cryer, 2004). Cardiac Cohernece is more directly related to negative affect such as stress than other physiological measurements making it a highly useful for aggression research (Childre & Cryer, 2004). Also numerous studies pervious have shown that Cardiac Coherence is a well-accepted physiological measure of stress (Hasan, Begue & Bushman, 2012).Cardiac Coherence is preferred because it is only measured using a comfortable VIOLENT VIDEO GAMES AND THEIR EFFECTS 3 clip that is attached to the earlobe (Hasan, Beque, Bushman, 2012). Measuring equipment is more comfortable to wear, inexpensive compared to other physiological equipment, and very easy for researchers to use (Hasan, Begue & Bushman, 2012).

Participants in Hasan, Begue, and Bushman (2012) research were randomly assigned to play a violent or nonviolent game for 20 minutes whist Cardiac Coherence equipment recorded. Violent video games should directly prime aggressive thoughts and stimulate frustration and aggressive structures (Anderson & Bushman 2001; Harvard Mental Health Letter, 2010). Aggression a forceful, hostile or attaching behavior that is intended to harm an individual (Anderson & Bushman 2001). Hassa, Begue, and Bushman (2012) found in their research that people who played a violent video game we more aggressive than were the participants who played a nonviolent game. Therefore, stress made the participants cranky and frustrated (Hasan, Beque, Bushman, 2012). Anderson and Bushman (2001) found that long-term exposure of violent media to children increases aggressiveness as adolescents, and short-term exposure to violent video games causes a temporary increase in aggression. Overtime people who play violent video games may experience numbing their emotions, nightmares and sleep problems, impair school performance. Violent video games have a higher rate of being the cause of bullying (Harvard Mental Health Letter, 2010). Boys participate more often than girls do. Children learn by observing and mimicking (Harvard Mental Health Letter, 2010). Similarly Saleem, Anderson, and Gentile (2012) conducted a research observing children behavior during and after playing a violent and nonviolent games. Participants were recruited

through a call out for child participants ages 9 to 14. They were rewarded with 20 dollars when they...

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