Violence on TV leads to more violence?

Topics: Violence, Aggression, Media violence research Pages: 2 (588 words) Published: June 28, 2014

Violence on video and TV leads to more violence in society

Television it can be entertaining and educational, and can open up new worlds for us, it gives us a chance to travel the globe, learn about different cultures. Some programs with positive role models can influence people to change their behavior for the better. However, the reverse can also be true: we can learn things from TV that are neither good, nor positive or not even productive. That’s the topic of today. TV can affect kids' health and family life. People in each age group are affected by TV violence in different ways and of course that reflects on society.

Today I want to emphasize on children and youth talking about what the different researches shows about the effect of violence on TV and finally I will give my opinion and experience about this topic.

CHILDHOOD: On early childhood, study revealed that exposure to TV violence predicted aggressive behavior in adulthood. As we know children learn more from what they see than from what they are told. There is a saying: “Monkey see monkey do” Kids under 6 years old can’t see the difference between facts and fantasy, children can’t distinguish whether is god or bad what they are watching on TV. But the more time exposed to that violent behavior they will conclude that is ok to be like that.

Studies support the position that exposure to media violence leads to aggression, desensitization toward violence and lack of sympathy for victims of violence, particularly in children.

YOUTH: Content is damaging the youth. More than a thousand studies have shown the same thing: "media violence makes them more aggressive, less patient, and numb to violence." Desensitization is a fact, much exposure to violence it will result on the feeling that violence is not violence, it’s something that “happens normally” and worst, something that should happen. We have heard about a well-known case on 1999 two teenagers, launched an assault on Columbine...
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