Violence Does Not Solve Anything

Topics: Nonviolence, Civil disobedience, Martin Luther King, Jr. Pages: 3 (866 words) Published: August 13, 2012
Elaine Black
Essay Six
English 101
Due 12-14-2010

Martin Luther King had a ginormous impact on a huge amount of people in the past, present and it is safe to say, the future. The way he spoke, grabbed the attention and addressed his audience was powerful in many different aspects. He earned the respect of many individuals who listened to him. In the document Non-Violence and Racial Justice, Martin Luther King addresses justice, oppression, respect and non-violence resistance. Martin Luther King was a peaceful man and never the less, tried to influence, impact and persuade others to be peaceful as well. Throughout his document, he utilized different techniques to grab the reader’s attention and hold onto to them until he had portrayed the information he had wanted. By the end of this document, the reader should have at least gained knowledge, understanding and insight about non-violence resistance. It is said…”Violence doesn’t solve anything.” Martin Luther King was illustrating that violence will not accomplish anything.

In this document, Martin Luther King is unraveling slavery, oppression and justice. He uses a phenomenal metaphor by saying this about slaves, “He was considered a thing to be used, not a person to be respected. He was merely a depersonalized cog in a vast plantation machine.”(King 1) Martin Luther King clarifies that the Negros were brought to America by force to be slaves and were property just like anything else that is bought and sold. The Negros' were not viewed as a human and was not given any rights until “1896 through the Plessey v. Ferguson decision, a new kind of slavery came into being. In this Decision the Supreme Court of the nation established to doctrine of “separate but equal.”” (King 2) It was soon discovered that yes, they were separate, but they were not equal and injustice was still in place. Violence does not solve anything and Martin Luther King goes on to explain the benefits of...
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