Vietnam War Impact

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Impacts of The Vietnam War
The Vietnam War lasted twenty years. It took more than two million lives away including many American soldiers and citizens (Rohn). The United States involvement in the Vietnam War caused many unnecessary deaths.
The United States used twenty million gallons of herbicides and many bombs to attack the Viet Cong (Rohn).American soldiers were fighting the Viet Cong in Vietnam. America destroyed crops from villages and reduced the wooded areas where the Viet Cong could hide very easily. The bombs used would not all go off at once because they were all created differently, some of these bombs were Agent Orange, Operation Linebacker II, and The Christmas bomb. These bombs caused sufficient damage to the wildlife and the native people.
The troops that were in Vietnam faced many physical challenges, including the wet-jungle terrain where the American soldiers could get infections or ringworm. The soldiers also had to stay hydrated in Vietnam, because the temperature would be up to 120 degrees Fahrenheit. The wildlife of Vietnam also affected how safe the American soldiers would be, some of the animals that the soldiers had to watch out for were Malarial Mosquitoes, Ticks, Leeches, and Venomous Snakes, because the
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This hurt the economy, and put The United States into debt (“Digital History”). “Vietnam Syndrome” was a title many people made to describe the way the government and the people felt. It was used to describe that the people were worried that the United States would get into another Vietnam type of situation and fail. The American people thought that America had become powerless and thought that the country would eventually lose everything (Cummins). Many people also felt that the America had made a huge mistake and took it out on the

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