Vietnam: Supporting the Country's Development with Tourism

Topics: Tourism, Economics, Economy Pages: 5 (1159 words) Published: September 22, 2014
Mai Hoang Phuong

The Vietnam Government should support and invest in tourism as the motivation of the country’s development.

Tourism is becoming the economic sector which is the most significant to collect foreign currencies of many countries around the world, and Vietnam is no exception. There are rich and diversified potentials of tourism that are the huge motivation of economic development in Vietnam. “It is forecasted that in the next 10 years, Vietnam travel will continue to grow rapidly and require intensive investment in improving the quality of services” (Vietnam tourism improving, 2011). However, the natural growth is not enough, because tourism needs the help of human to develop perfectly, especially for the assistance of Vietnam Government. In fact, there are many positive effects to the economy, environment and social life that are the reasons why the Vietnam Government should support and invest in tourism to improve the economy. Previously, Vietnam was known to be a backward agricultural country, but today it is growing to become the modern industrial country. Absolutely, the tourism industry is one of the most crucial keys to do this. Initially, the development of the tourism industry is to promote GDP growth and net export values. Furthermore, it also contributes the positive impacts to the economic restructuring. For instance, “Vietnam has for the first time designated tourism as an economic spearhead, targeting a GDP contribution of 4.5 percent from the sector” (Vietnam tourism, n.d.). In addition, the rate of unemployment reduces significantly when the tourism industry develops, “ the tourism sector should welcome more than 10 million international travelers, service 48 million domestic tourists, create three million jobs and contribute 7% of the country’s gross domestic product by 2020” (Vietnam tourism industry, 2012). It is said that Vietnam tourism provides opportunities for unemployed people, which is especially important in rural communities. As a result, it creates jobs not only in the tourism industry directly but also indirectly in other services such as hotel and transportation. It will generate the extra tax revenues, which can be used for education and hospitals. Other side of the coin, the tourism development is the enhancement of international cooperation as well as introducing the Vietnamese people and country, “deploy schemes to attract tourists from eight key tourism markets including China, Japan, the Republic of Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, Australia, France, and Russia; and maintain high-professional travel management and service activities” (Tourism industry, 2013). Therefore, obviously Vietnam tourism industry’s contribution to the economy is enormous. It is said that the tourism and environment associate and interact with each other. If there is a green and clean environment, it will attract more tourists to promote tourism. Tourism also significantly contributes to protect and develop the environment. Firstly, tourism enhances awareness and knowledge of the domestic community by learning and exchanging environmental information with travelers. Moreover, it also helps the environment become more pure and fresh through taking control of air, water and soil quality. “According to the General Director of the General Department of Tourism Nguyen Van Tuan, the conference is a practical initiative and promptly, in order to raise awareness of responsible tourism development in Vietnam based on the principles of environmental and society” ( To raise awareness, 2010). Nowadays, Vietnam’s forest area is more and more decreasing that is why the number of species in the Red Book of Vietnam is rapidly increasing each year, “According to Vietnam Red Book 2007, the total number of endangered wildlife species is 882, including 418 animal species and 464 plant species, which is 161 species more than that in the period 1992-1996” (Vietnam Red Book, 2007). The solution is...

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