Video Game Speech

Topics: Video game, Massively multiplayer online game, Video game addiction Pages: 3 (958 words) Published: April 11, 2012
Public Speaking 205

Video game addiction
Specific Purpose: As a result of my speech my audience will understand that video games aren’t as bad a hobby as they may think. Central Idea: Playing a video game an excessive amount of time can ruin your social life. Cause you to lose friends and potentially a job. Introduction:

I. You and your friends decide to go biking it’s a beautiful day, nice and sunny. Everyone arrives and you are ready to go biking but then you look and notice a friend is missing. He said he was coming and you have tried calling him and he won’t answer. You see him the next day and ask where he was “I was busy last night sorry”. Come to find out he was playing video games all day and night.

II. Video game addictions are a fairy concerning issue. Some people will say that their friends and family have been sucked into the game.

III. Unfortunately, video game addiction is a common and rising epidemic in the world today.

a. According to a study from researchers at Iowa State University and the National Institute on Media and the Family found that 8.5% of American youth show signs of addictive behavior in video games. b. It is estimated that 88 percent of young people in the U.S. play video games, indicating that up to three million could be showing signs of addiction, according to

IV. I myself used to be addicted to video games. It was a great way to escape from the real world and not have to worry about things. V. What I’m going to discuss today is video game addiction, what are some of the causes, and how you can go about solving this problem with someone you love, or maybe even yourself. Transition: Hopefully you can help someone in need a friend or family member with what I’m about to tell you. Body:

I. Video game addiction is a proposed form of a compulsive use of computer and video games. People can experience several different symptoms such as carpal...

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