Video Analysis of Blue Gold: The Water Crisis

Pages: 2 (678 words) Published: October 23, 2014
In the video Blue Gold, the water cycle isn’t no longer working because of pollution, over pumping and using it, and rich people or company privatizing water usage to people. Human beings now caused all this going. Its not some physical stuff that makes the water cycle stop working. It its all the economic, people want to control the power of a source that can make them money, people want to overuse water to make things better, and people don’t care how the people who don't have water to drink. It is either you pay or you suffer without water. From section one, "The Crisis", it tells you people are improve the world's technologies by using the Earth's resources. They still plant crops and planting crops you need water. By now they all using Green Revolution to do agriculture, to make green you use more water therefore, they have to use more than they use. Same for technologies, like transportation. In order to get fuels, they have to drill from the ground and that also uses the water, it doesn't only use water, nature gases goes into the water and makes it unsafe then flows to many houses then the water they drink may kill them. The problem can fixed by water treatment and get rid of the gases inside but on the other side its very costy. There are trashes in the river then sun evaporates the polluted water then it rains polluted rain. Everything we use nearly fit to using water. They also build dam to keep river from flowing out. The dams are built to keep water, generate electricity, and the mass control of it. It doesn't only does good. It controls the water from people taking, they privatized it and sell it for a high prices. From section two, "The Politics", it tells us how does people control the water. Tell us people will do anything to control water then if you control it, you mostly have everything. The government and the rich people take away the water and privatized it. Mostly the buyers to water are from France. Most of the water is privatized on...
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