Victor Is The Protagonist In Frankenstein

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The story of Frankenstein is one of great tragedy and great human sacrificing. Victor Frankenstein is the main character within this great novel, but it is hard to call Victor the protagonist within the story because of all of his terrible flaws. Likewise it is difficult to call the creature that Victor Frankenstein creates the antagonist. However, the story of Frankenstein is one of a man trying to create life out of death. Victor Frankenstein is a crazed scientist who for all intents and purposes is the antagonist in this novel.
Victor Frankenstein has major character flaws that help me consider him the antagonist of the novel. He is basically a mad scientist who is crazed and determined to create life out of death and succeed in something that only God has accomplished. To create his “Creature” Victor robs the graves of the criminally insane and convicts to get the necessary body parts to complete his creation. So from the start the “Creature” was doomed to be ugly and hideous. This is enhanced by the fact that the body parts used are those of the dead criminally insane who had been hung until death. Their body parts were mangled and hideous to the eye. Victor decides to make the “creature” out of the rejects of society, granted that’s the only materials available to him at the time but he, Victor, was taken back by the creature’s hideous nature when the creature initially...

He ignores his creation and his creation’s needs and desires. He abandons the “Creature” and expects nothing to happen. Victor has tremendous character flaws that lead me to figure out that he is the true antagonist of the novel instead of the popular opinion that the “Creature” is the antagonist and in all reality the “Creature” is the same as a helpless infant who has been abandoned by his mother. Victor also shows that he is too selfish to admit that he is the cause of all of his family’s...
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