VHS LAC2 S1 LC 07 05 GA1

Topics: Parent, Family, Mother, Father, Thought / Pages: 2 (381 words) / Published: Dec 10th, 2014
Name: Yousra Saleh
Date: 12/4/2013

Graded Assignment – Parents and Children
Answer the questions below. When you have finished, submit this assignment to your teacher by the due date for full credit.
(15 points)
1. Every parent-child relationship has some unique aspects as well as some universal aspects. Choose one of the selections you have read thus far—
“I Stand Here Ironing,” “Daystar,” “My Father Sits in the Dark,” “My Father in the Navy,” or “The Egg and explain what is unique and universal about that selection.

The story “Stand here ironing” seriously got me so mad at first because I somewhat misjudged the mother thinking she was nothing but a bad mother that did not know how to take care of her little child. The mother in the movie was a child herself I don't understand how teens can now think of being a parent when they’re kids their selves. Emily was still a child when she was taken away several times from her home and family. Emily lived a really hard time traveling from hands to hands people to people, family to family because her mother was not able to take care of her. Because of some personal issues she had. Yet again Emily was a child then she got sick so many times and no hand to help her. The mother was not only a child herself but she was very poor and she couldn't effored the money to help her own child. Even though in the begging it seemed like the mother wasn't as helpful in her daughter’s life but she as actually. If it weren’t to be the people who are taken her daughter away from her she would of done her best to help her no matter how hard it is. The mother had no job, no money no nothing. The mother was going through a hard time herself even though she tried to be there for her daughter she then thought it was just late to help someone whose going to be taken away from her every now and then.

(15 points)
2. What is the effect of parenting on some of the parents in the unit thus far? Consider the

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