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When the word vegetarian comes to mind, I can’t help but think about how their dinner table would look. Would there be any sort of protein on the table? Would there be food flavoring? When I look at the table of vegetarians, all I can ask myself is why would one starve themself with no protein nor any additional flavoring. When I view these photograph the only three words I can think of is, vegetarian, unhealthy, and foreign foods. When I view this photograph, I think of store bought. The reason I think of store bought goods is due to all the packaged goods. Many of the items listed on this table can be found across the globe. Such as the frozen pizza, the canned soup, or even the delicious ding dongs can be found anywhere on earth now. When it comes down to the current lifestyle in America, this is what most would consider the normal meal for a week.

In foreign countries, the amount of vegetables is greatly smaller than the amount of vegetables in America. Even though we are considered the largest country on the globe, I believe that most Americans eat very healthy. When I look at the photograph of the Asian family, you can immediately tell that most, if not all , of the food they have out on the table is processed and frozen. Then when you compare it to the American’s table. They have much more fruits than the asian family. Thus making me believe that some Americans can be the healthiest eaters on the globe.
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