Various Ways of Teaching

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Various Methods of Teaching
Menasha D Lawrence
Kaplan University

In our country, we rely on teachers to set the standards to enrich the lives of our students through many different learning techniques. Teachers have to ensure that the students know that she is willing to try news ways of learning, and that the students can use the techniques when she is not present. This paper will focus on the different techniques that teachers have used in order to create a better educational environment.

The road to a person’s success is paved by a good home and a good educational background. Teachers are supposed to be able to differentiate what a students need in order to make them successful in the education forum. The teacher is supposed to dictate whether lecture is a good way to come across to my class, do my class need more discussion groups which students can dictate, or what other ways can I help my students to be the best at what I want them to accomplish. The teacher know that what they have to do is not an easy task, but it is one that teachers must prepare and make plans to used various methods in order to reach each student who enters the doors of knowledge .

A lLectures are is good in its time and yes lecturesthey do work in the right situation, but what if you have students that are not capable of following the guidelines of your lecture. The lecture in today’s classrooms should come in threefold. First the lecturer must be prepared to handle and distractions that may occur, next the lecturer must print and present each child with a blueprint of what she will discuss, and lastly at the end of the lecture the instructor should be focused on the questions that the students should have also received with the blueprints of the lecture. This is not a sure mean or the best way to handle any classroom, but this is a way for you to assure yourself as an instructor that you have given what you know to your...

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