Values of Parents

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Good Parents should guide children in family unity. Family unity is a family being together in happy and peaceful. Also, the meaning of family unity is that regardless of how bad a situation may be it will bring us closer together and make our bond stronger. It would have nice to have parents to enforce rules at home. For example, if parents would have been home children would have done homework instead of going outside to play. Another example is sitting together as a family to have dinner made family more closely. There were many things we have discussed at the dinner table. We talk about how our day, the happenings at school , work, upcoming events, share funny stories and express concerns about thing of important to us. Having parents spend time with children are very good example of family values.

Another valuable that parents belief is education. Most parents believed that education is a value for success in the future. A parent's role is to support their child academic growth.. My parents always support me. They had me observe how they both work hard to support family. They explained to me if they had had college education, things would be a little easier for our family. If my parents had not given me self confidence, I wouldn't have enrolled in college. Parents are very important to their children's education.

All parents want their children to be a successful person in future. They influence their kids as much as good thing whenever they could. Find good school for their children; support them when they need help. Teach them how to be good person and go to school for better life. Parents are very important to a child's life
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