Valley Forge Dbq Analysis

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DBQ Valley Forge, Would You Have Quit
While reading the Dbqs, I have come to a conclusion what I would do If I was at Valley Forge. I would have quit from the Militia when my commitment ended. Here are some of the reasons why… The Soldiers Conditions, The amount of supplies, How bad the Housing was, and How many soldiers either died or were sick during that time.

First the Conditions for the soldiers. I would be hard because as said in Document C “I am sick- discontented-and out of humour. Poor Food-Hard lodging-Cold Weather-fatigue-Nasty Cloaths-nasty cookery-Vomit half my time-smoak’d out of my senses-The Devil’s in’t-I can't Endure it”. This are the word from 1777 diary written by a Surgeon named Dr. Albigence Waldo. In his writing it
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Referring back to Document C waldo says” ...Smoak’d out of my senses”. In that sentence Waldo was saying that the ventilation was so bad that when building the fires that the smoke would stay throughout the Hut and it would causes the soldiers to have breathing problems which could have led to death. Also without building the fires the huts would become cold and you might get frostbit.Which could also be lead to loss of limbs and possibly death.

The fourth and final reason for me quitting would be how many soldiers were inqured and killed during Valley Forge. In Document A it says that there was 2,898 soldiers ill out of 12000 in December of 1777. Also almost 2500 died during the months of December-June. which is a crazy death toll due to only about 12000 soldiers. But as the encampment went on more soldiers left from the army but even more got sick. 3989 were sick at camp in February 1778. Which was almost half of the entire soldiers.

After reading this I would have quit even thouh many would stay because they are not quitters but the condishens were just bad to surive for long in the Winters at Valley Forge. Documents stated that it was a place where many were sick including docters. Also they said many of the soldiers were bandwagons. So Valley Forge, I would Have

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