Utopian Society

Topics: The Lottery, Dystopia, The Giver Pages: 2 (468 words) Published: October 27, 2012
Samantha Brimhall
Mrs. Rhoden
8 October 2012

Utopian Society
A utopian society is an ideal community or society that possesses a desirable perfection. Although it is only an attempt to be ideally perfect. The characteristics of a utopia can portray one’s dystopia or nightmare. That is what leads to the question: do the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few? This question determines whether the world or society is a utopia or a dystopia. Unquestionably the needs of the few outweigh the needs of the many. A society that does not care for individual needs begins to slowly lose sanity. Soon individual rights are being overlooked, citizens are being sacrificed, and rituals are inhumane. Repeatedly societies destroy and condone individual rights, thinking that it will benefit the community only to find that they are obliterating themselves. In the novel The Giver the main character, Jonas, tries to break away from the strict rules that take away individual rights from the citizens. “ We don’t dare to let people make choices of their own”. “ Not safe?” The Giver suggested. “ Definitely not safe”, Jonas said with certainty. In this quote individual rights are being discussed by The Giver and Jonas. It is of no doubt that this portrayed utopian society be deprived of individual rights in fear that citizens will make the wrong choices.
Brimhall 2

Often in societies that choose to outweigh the needs of the many with the needs of the few, sacrifices of citizens and inhumane rituals are practiced. In the short story The Lottery a community practices a random drawing in which one person will be stoned to death. “ The children had stones already.” “Tessie Hutchinson was in the center of a cleared space by now and she held her hands out desperately as the villagers moved in on her.” “It isn’t fair”, she said. A stone hit her on the side of her head.” “… and then they were upon...
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